Pool Treatments


Swimming pools whether they are in a hotel, community centre or on private property they are used by all who enjoy a fun and soothing activity in the pool.

However swimming pools are exceedingly dangerous especially when the tiled perimeter is smooth and wet and a guest can easily have a serious slip and fall incident if they are not careful. We like to break things down into a positive and negative outlook.


Guests or staff can suffer serious injuries, including broken bones, head trauma or death. Improperly treating a tiled surface around a swimming pool can result in a guest or employee succumbing to serious bodily injury which then starts the unfortunate process for a hotel owner to deal with an insurance claim or worse a lawsuit, especially if the individual or law firm can prove negligence.

In this technological age with cell phones that are easily equipped with audio and video it doesn’t take long to gather a lot of evidence and the more witness the better the case against you and your establishment. Most slip and fall situations result in the injured individual enquiring or consulting a lawyer. Most cases are settled out of court due to high costs of court time but bear in mind that it will still will cost you financially because almost all cases are favored toward the injured individual.



As a facility owner with a swimming pool you can take an inexpensive approach in being proactive for the safety and wellbeing of your guests and staff. We at Sure Safe Floors can eliminate a potential slip and fall from happening when the surface is wet, in fact the surface will be safer wet than when it is dry. We are able to do this by treating the mineral based surface and increase the coefficient traction by 2oo% and up 400% which would eliminate a potential slip and fall when the surface is wet.

This done by treating the mineral based surface by compressing the soft mineral down on the surface which will expose the hard mineral on the surface which creates an invisible tread. This treatment will give an added benefit in securing and keeping safe your investment which will also give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken a proactive approach in the safety of your guests and staff and will save you, your guests and staff from emotional and financial stress not having to worry or deal with a slip and fall issue on your premises.

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