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Hotels are an oasis for guests as they come to have a time of rest and relaxation whether the guest is on vacation, business or family, for whatever reason the stay should be pleasurable. This is why hotel owners try to fulfill that experience for their guests as best as possible.

Almost all hotels have beautiful floor tile throughout their establishments, some are very impressive and most are very nice. This would be an expression of stature to impress their guests. Unfortunately all guests experiences don’t turn out as planned and despite frequent inspections and implementations of procedure for staff to follow by management unpleasant incidents and situations can still happen on mineral based surfaces which can result in pain and suffering due to slip and fall injury on a wet mineral based surfaces.


Now most hotels assume that the solution is to put down a rubber mat and that would prevent a slip and fall from happening. Well the truth is you have gone from bad to worse as you have just opened the door to a potential trip and fall. This solution is only going to barely help were the mat is placed, what about the rest of the floor area that doesn’t have a mat in place. Plus the cost of renting or purchasing these floor mats which have to be replaced frequently during bad weather periods which costs you even more money.



There is a solution and Sure Safe Floors has the answer, which doesn’t involve replacing your beautiful floor tile. We don’t edtch, seal or coat the tile surface. We treat the surface with an anti-slip treatment that would eliminate potential slip and falls on wet tile based surfaces. We treat the surface by pressing the soft mineral down which would expose the hard mineral surface which will raise the coefficient traction up to 200% and 400%.

This treatment will treat tile surfaces along with enamel and porcelain based bath tubs, which would allow you to get rid of those unsightly bath mats in the ensuite bathroom as you have just put in place a anti slip treatment to replace the bath mats which will save you lots of money give you confidence and peace of mind that there is an effective and solid solution to eliminating a potential slip and fall incident on your wet tub or tile floor surface.

We suggest you watch our demonstration videos before booking your free appointment so we can demonstrate in person this amazing product and treatment. Enjoy the show

Are you ready for Bill C-45?

Did you know the federal government just passed a bill that holds businesses accountable for ignored or neglected safety issues? That means you could be held accountable if someone slips and falls at your business. Are you ready for this?